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Skin Check

Experts in skin health and skin cancer medicine

A skin check is a full body examination performed by a trained health professional. A treatment plan is discussed at the end of the consultation if required.


Careful examination of your skin, checking moles, freckles and sun spots.


A variety of treatments are available if required.

Qualified Staff

All our medical staff are qualified and highly trained in the field of skin cancer.

Liquid Nitrogen

Cryotherapy to remove surface skin lesions if required.

Ear Health

Our service covers all aspects of your Ear Health

The service includes removal of foreign objects, ear wax, ear infection/discharge, hearing loss, maintenance for hearing aid and unsettled perforation.

Ear Wax Removal

Safe ear wax removal using micro suctioning.

Book online

Online bookings available. Clinics available 6 days a week.

Qualified Ear Nurse

Three ACC registered qualified ear nurse available.

Latest Technology

Advanced microscope and low pressure suction technology.

Mole Mapping

Comprehensive head to toe skin check with photography monitoring.

Mole mapping is the most effective way to detect skin cancer especially melanoma at a very early stage.

Qualified Staff

Our staff are fully trained and specialised in skin cancer detection and monitoring.


In-house specialists for comprehensive range of treatment options.

Early Detection

Early detection bring peace of mind.

Follow-up Care

Our team will be able to provide continuity of care to continue monitoring your skin health.


Cryotherapy is the use of liquid nitrogen at -196°C applied with a cryospray gun or a cotton tipped applicator to a localised area for up to 10 seconds.

Targeted treatment

Used to target and destroy a specific area of skin tissue


Experienced and qualified Melanographer to access your lesions prior to treatment.


Treatment for benign or pre-cancerous skin cancers


Call us to make a booking with our Melanographer

Focus Hearing- Daniel Kim

Your local and independent hearing care clinic

Ever wonder what it would be like if you could hear well again? Come and talk to us to experience the latest technology hearing aids. We can offer you a free trial!

Latest technology

Offering the latest technology hearing aids


Experienced and qualified hearing care experts

Free Trial

4 - 6 weeks of obligation free trial without upfront payment


Have access to all types of hearing aid funding available in NZ

Active+ Physiotherapy

Active+ runs full day clinics every Wednesday. 

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